Want That Cat Look

Cat makeup is a great go-to costume for Halloween. No, it’s not out of style either. Really, if you haven’t gone as a cat for Halloween it’s something that should be done at least once in your lifetime. Lucky for you we’ve got an uber-easy how-to for cat makeup. You’ll be transformed into the purr-fect cat in no time.

To get this look, here is what you need:


Begin with a good makeup primer because it will even out your skin while also hiding pores and fine lines. Apply a regular amount of the makeup primer over your entire face, including around your eyes. Remember to pay special attention to the areas of your face where lines may be more noticeable such as your forehead, around your mouth and under your eyes.

Once you have applied your makeup primer follow up with either your regular foundation or you can go whiter by using an illuminator.


The eyes are rather easy because all you need to do is a slightly exaggerated smokey eye/cat eye combination. To begin line your eyes with a gel black eyeliner. To get a good sharp line use the flat eyeliner brush that comes with the eyeliner, or a regular flat eyeliner brush. Extend the line to the outer corner of each eye, and then extend the inner corner in a slightly downward angle. Don’t forget to rim the inside of your bottom lid at the waterline as well.

Once lined use a black eyeshadow on your lids and around your eye which will create a quick and easy smokey eye look.

After you have your smokey eye looking perfect finish them off with a good lengthening and thickening mascara. Apply the standard two-coats, but if you want more drama then add one to two more once the first two applications dry.

Now to finish the eye area by darkening and exaggerating your eyebrows. Take a black eyebrow pencil and fill in your brows. Then draw the inner points inward slightly, and fatten the arch area. Finish by extending the outer ends slightly more than normal.

Lips, Eyes, and Facial Designs

The nose, top lip and whisker design can be easily accomplished with a thick eyeliner or smokey eye stick and the black gel eyeliner used earlier for lining your eyes. I used the Eye Stick to draw the triangle on the tip of my nose, followed by the strip of black connecting my lips, and finally to line and fill in my top lip. For the bottom lip line and fill in with a neutral lip liner then apply a neutral lip balm.

The small whisker “dots” were also created with the Eye Stick. Simply “dot” three to four on each side. The whiskers were freehanded by using the flat eyeliner brush. Begin at your nose and draw them outward.

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